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Do I need to provide fall protection?

Falls are a leading cause of injury in the construction industry. Even from a relatively low height, a fall can cause death or injury.

“Fall protection for roof work” April 2011 – WorkSafe

“Where there is a risk of a fall from a height of two metres or more, implement external fall protection in the form of physical edge protection (eg. guard railing or perimeter scaffolding).=

“External fall protection” 1 August 2011 –Download PDF


What do No Go Zones near power lines mean?

If a worksite is near overhead electrical powerlines, before erecting scaffold, you must follow the relevant No Go Zone safety procedures:

“WorkSafe Publication July 2004”
If any scaffolding to be erected near overhead powerlines or services lines; the scaffold may enter a “No Go Zone”. It is recommended that you contact the electricity supply company to arrange an inspection.

Guidelines for Scaffolding near Service Lines & Guidelines for Scaffolding near Overhead Powerlines

Reference: WorkSafe Victoria “No Go Zones for overhead electrical power lines – special provisions for scaffolds July 2004”

Energy Safe Victoria “No Go Zones”

New Regulations Working at Heights

Amendments WorkSafe Victoria Working at Heights

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